Donald J. Trump for President in 2016
  Let's Make America Great Again, and This Time Even Better
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The Following is what Donald Trump stands for - What do YOU stand for ?

Build the Wall - Secure the Border and Let Mexico Pay for it

Create so many new jobs by stopping useless rules and bring jobs back from overseas

We will restore our Military to being the most powerful on Earth again, NO question

Stop the excessive individual and corporate welfare systems once and for all

Stop letting Muslims into the USA until we develop a way to vet them properly

Let's get tough on drug dealers again as we close the open delivery accross the Border

At one time I was pro-choice, but NOW I an very strongly PRO-LIFE

I carry and my sons carry - put an end to the gun grabbers ridiculous anti-gun attempts

I am not a Bible thumper, but I am a religious person and will protect all religious freedoms

STOP the disrespectful way we treat our heroes who have gone to battle on our behalf

End Common Core and return education to the Teachers and Families of Students

Stop the all out assault on the Constitution and especially the Bill of Rights

Free Trade is fine but must be balanced so we do NOT get screwed by other Countries

Let's start getting things right again and STOP the idiotic failures of Government

Stop wasting time with political correctness and start getting things done again

Obama's treason on the Iran Nuclear Deal

Let's STOP dividing America like Obama and the Democrats do all the time

Haven't you had enough of the Washington D.C. Establishment

Let's Make America Great Again, and this Time Maybe Even Better !!!!!

Some Truth about the Trump Unversity lawsuit that you should know

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